Do we have any thing like toolbox having cut copy paste like in MSoft

Do we have any example of toolbox?
Is there any property like placing toolbox at top of diagram and in left(TOP-Left-Start point) and till right most side.
Node.Spot.left is node specific right???
No doing margins as we need to have resizable toolbox at some time

i saw this in post but not helpful of toolbox

I think you are talking about some HTML that would be placed outside of the Diagram DIV element. You are free to implement it however you like in your framework (if you are using any) and style it however you like.

So that really does not involve GoJS at all, other than the executed commands being CommandHandler methods.

See also GoJS Commands -- Northwoods Software

the thing is if in a div u place two divs
one div for toolbox as height 15%
and one for <div id=“myDiagramDiv” height:75%, then you will see white background in case you have black background in myDiagramDiv for some portion at bottom, this white space is inside the myDiagramDiv.(nodes could be dragged there in white portion)
if <div id=“myDiagramDiv” height:100%, then no issues of white background is there.

I cannot understand the situation that you describe.

Setting the background of the Diagram.div is CSS styling that is outside the scope of GoJS.

then why there is no white background in Diagram.div if height is 100% in html
if its less than 100 then white background is there.
Is Gojs is designed to work for height 100% in side html?

Make sure that you can size the DIV the way that you want without involving GoJS at all.

Then once the Diagram has been created for that DIV, if you change the size of the DIV without changing the size of the window, you’ll need to ask the Diagram to update. (There is an event that we listen for when the window changes size, but not when a DIV element changes size.) Read Resizing Diagrams -- Northwoods Software for more discussion.

well added the resize call. Do you know In a div i have 2 divs toolbox 20%height and goDiagram80% height
ToolBox apprears good when I click or add a node in goDiagram toolbox vanishes. wierd!!

You’ll need to debug the styling on that toolbox DIV. After the diagram has been initialized, GoJS never changes the style of the Diagram’s DIV element. (It does frequently modify the elements that it creates inside that DIV element, though.)

Did this already. could be angular2 related thing?

I have no idea – I had forgotten that you are using Angular.

It’s certainly the case that many of the samples at GoJS Sample Diagrams for JavaScript and HTML, by Northwoods Software demonstrate having two DIVs each hosting a Diagram.

Also there are samples that demonstrate having a floating DIV in front of a Diagram/DIV, such as HTML Interaction.

Trying on this part also, will post if found anything. In the meantime
How to know if resetZoom() is possible means its enabled? canResetZoom(),canZoomToFit() always gives true in any empty fresh initialized diagram or even if already done resetZoom()
Played with scale also if (Scale==1) return false; but not a good fit…

CommandHandler | GoJS API describes how that predicate is implemented. Yes it should normally return true.

I don’t understand what the problem is. Also, this sounds like it should be a separate topic, unrelated to the implementation of toolboxes.

Ok making a new discussion