Document dirty flag

How can I tell if the document is dirty?

In a different thread, Walter said

[quote]Define a GoDocument.Changed event handler, perhaps by overriding
GoDocument.OnChanged and calling the base method. Look for the Hint ==
GoLayer.ChangedObject and the SubHint == GoObject.ChangedBounds.[/quote]

but how can I tell if a user starts with a clean document, dirtys it by making an edit, and then undoes the edit, returning the document to it’s clean state?

also, i’m using the trial (but we’re going to buy as soon as the corporate drones approve the expense, your product rocks). is it possible for me to get the source to the com.nwoods.jgo.examples.flower example referenced in the XML output documentation?

Are you looking to setModified(false) when the undo manager has been completely “undone”? I don’t know – perhaps you could override some UndoManager methods to detect that case. You’ll need to worry about when some edits have been discarded, and if the whole undo manager has been replaced.
We just use JavaDoc to produce the API reference. You could do the same, including whatever code you want.

This implies that there is a meethod getModified that returns the dirty state of the document. Does such a method exist? I did not see one in the Javadoc.

It’s boolean, so the name is “isModified”, and it’s a property on ProcessDocument in the Flower example. It’s not defined as part of JGoDocument, which is why you won’t find it documented in the JavaDoc-produced documentation.