Does Selenium Webdriver is enough to automate GoJs Diagram Controls?

I have automated so many website using selenium , I just got one application which is built using totally Canvas,GOJS and has diagram.

Can anyone guide me how can I do operations to automate diagram controls? For ex:

  1. How to click on particular diagram control element
  2. How to Drag?

I just need one example not whole code.


You may want to use the class, demonstrated in

@walter - Thank you so much for your answer. Can you please give me at least one example code by which I can select diagram control.

I have checked your given links and code which is there. But confuse that how those javascript can be integrated with selenium?

I’m sorry, but I have never used Selenium Webdriver, so we have no sample projects for you. (We implemented our own test system that basically uses the Robot extension.)

It is clear to me and to all those people using Selenium that one can write tests in Selenium that can somehow execute JavaScript code on the client, and that is sufficient to do whatever you need. If you believe the samples that those people posted in this forum are incomplete, please post a more complete example here. That will help other people in the future.