I override DoExternalDrop and instead of returning base.DoExternalDrop, I create a different node at the computed point, and return a collection containing just that new node. The way I read the docs and samples, this should do the trick; however what happens is both the new node, and the dragged node, appear at that point. What should I do to lose the dragged node?


I bet you won’t find any dragged node in your document–what you are seeing is an image that OnDragEnter creates by calling GetExternalDragImage to create a GoImage of the GoSelection that is the drag data and that OnDragEnter adds to a GoView layer. But by not calling the base DoExternalDrop method, you aren’t cleaning that up.
I would call GoView.OnDragLeave to clean things up. Maybe we should do that cleanup before calling DoExternalDrop.


Works as advertised, thanks!