DoResize in my custom link class is not firing


I’d like to capture the path (points) for a links if/when it is resized on-screen by the user. My approach to capture the link path is simply to override DoResize in my custom link class. Here is the outline of the code:

public overrides sub doresize(byval view as …)
Mybase.DoResize(view, origRect,…)
if (evttype = GoInputState.Finished) then
for indx = 0 to me.reallink.pointscount - 1
save each link point into my own data structure (arraylist)
end if

This approach seems like it will work. The problem is that DoResize is not
being called when the link is resized, even if I explicitly set the resizable property for my custom link class.

How do I get the DoResize method to fire inside my custom link class? My custom link class is an instance of GoLabeledLink. I set orthogonal to true and style to GoStrokeStyle.RoundedLineWithJumpOvers.

Thank you.

R. Houston

Check the way AdjustableConnection is constructed in Demo1. The AdjustableConnectionLink with DoResize is defined first, then AdjustableConnectionLabeledLink is defined using:

public override GoLink CreateRealLink() {
return new AdjustableConnectionLink();

Thanks Jake,

So what you’re telling me is that only GoLinks can respond to DoResize?

GoLabeledLinks are really a GoGroup, so you’re overriding the DoResize for the group, which as you figured out, isn’t what you want.