Dotted Line


I want to set the links to display as a series of dots instead of a solid line. My goal is to make the lines less prominent. I tried setting the color to gray and the stroke thickness to .5 but that made some but not all inks not visible. If I move the node a little the link will appear. If I set the thickness to 1.0 I don’t have the disappearing links problem. I think the problem with the links disappearing may have to do with the button I am displaying on the link getting rendered very close to the node? Can I control the minimum distance from the node the link line travels before it changes direction? If I could do that then maybe the problem would go away.

I would like to try out dots instead of a solid line to see the effect.


To get dotted lines, just set the StrokeDashArray attribute. Perhaps something like:
StrokeDashArray=“1 2”

To change the distance from the port at which a link may change direction, set the go:Node.FromEndSegmentLength and/or go:Node.ToEndSegmentLength attributes (attached properties). The default is 10.