Double selectionAdornmentTemplate

I have used selectionAdornmentTemplate to override the default rectangular one. But what am getting was double circle selection for a single node something similar to the attached image. Please find the code below.

 this.$(go.Node, "Table", this.nodeStyle(),
                selectionAdornmentTemplate: this.$(go.Adornment, "Auto",
        this.$(go.Shape, "Ring",
                fill: null,
                stroke: "dodgerblue",
                strokeWidth: 3,
            }), this.$(go.Placeholder)
            this.$(go.Panel, "Auto",
                this.$(go.Picture, "image![image|222x210](upload://njmLoF9Dtv2u2ExxqWoGahWYLFP.png) .svg",
                        desiredSize: new go.Size(60, 60),
                        imageStretch: go.GraphObject.Fill
            this.makePort("T", go.Spot.Top, go.Spot.TopCenter, false, true),
            this.makePort("B", go.Spot.Bottom, go.Spot.BottomCenter, true, false),

Yes, that is what the “Ring” figure looks like when it is unfilled. You could set fill: "dodgerblue", strokeWidth: 0.

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if i continue to use ring it shows ring with some big strokeWidth so i replaced the code with
fill: null,
strokeWidth: 3,
desiredSize:new go.Size(60,60),