Download Graph with GOJs

Our client want this functionality.

Could you please elaborate on what the requirement is? What you have talked about in this topic has changed since the topic started. It seems to me that you are talking too much about implementation details rather than what the real requirements are.

As I put last two comments . Only this requirement is left. When I will download a graph.
and open downloaded graph in browser , if a click on any node then parent , grandparent , child and graph child node will be hightlight and respective links.
as show in figure.

I suppose that is theoretically possible by rendering some SVG and enhancing its functionality so that it has the behavior that you want. But it will be significant work.

It would be a lot easier to have them download a model and then open that model in your page that uses GoJS has the node and link templates that you have already defined.

Hi walter,

Need your help on this… Please give us some reference .

After download a graph as file (html). Highlight functionality should work.

Maybe you want to do something like the navigation sample: Navigation of Graphs

Some methods you may find helpful:

When I get some free time I’ll see if I can come up with a sample of how I think it should be done.

Try this: Local files

The “Save File” button saves the model as a file and downloads it.

Drag-and-drop a saved file into anywhere in this window in order to load it. The file type must be “.GOJS” (case-insensitive).