Drag and drop fails in UserControl hosted in IE

Dear Northwoods,

We are utilizing GoDiagram for .Net WinForms in a User Control hosted in Internet Explorer 11. It has been working fine for several years. Suddenly, within the last month I would say, the drag&drop functionality from the palette to the canvas has stopped to work, as well as the moving of elements within the canvas. It is possible to select an element with the mouse (it gets a green border), but it cannot be dragged.

I am using the reduced trust dlls.
I am running i Trusted Sites.
I have set the registry key EnableIEHosting=1.

Any ideas of what has happened from Microsofts/IE side or what to do about it?

Morten Mygind

Try turning off “protected mode” under the Security Tab in Internet Options. (I haven’t actually tried this, but it seems to be the consensus recommendation for when things like drag and drop break in IE11.)

This is also where I put in my plug for moving to GoJS… but it looks like you’re already doing that.

Turning of protected mode does not seem to help. I found out that uninstalling Microsoft KB3072633 solved the problem, but that is not a good solution for our customers.
Yes we have migrated to GoJS for our later versions but this problem remains for our legacy customers.

This is a bug in Internet Explorer. It also appears on Windows 10. For the developers, there is more information on how to fix this on http://www.neunbeere.de/blog/2015/08/bug-in-internet-explorer-that-prevents-drag-drop-operation-in-active-x-controls/

Thanks NineBerry. It looks like you went out of your way to post here, we appreciate that. I’ve read your note on how to fix this, but it doesn’t look like that is applicable to our implementation. We use the DragDrop implementation in Windows.Forms.Control, so we’re not touching the OLE stuff directly.