Drag and drop from javascript div to goXam


Is it possible drag and drop from javascript object to goXam diagram?
I'm trying to drag and drop from tree node to goXam diagram.
But i don't know how to set drag & drop target and how to get event in goXam.
If there is any example on this pls inform me^^
Kind regards,

First, for those people reading this topic looking for drag and drop support from other Silverlight elements into a GoXam Diagram, please read a different topic: External drag-and-drop support.

Just to be clear: I think you are asking for HTML5 drag-and-drop support into a GoXam diagram. I don’t think we have any examples of this. The hard part is getting any such events at all into Silverlight.

I think you can get that to happen by getting all of the events in an HTML element that overlays the Silverlight plug-in. (If you just care about drag-and-drop to the diagram, you could superimpose that special drag-and-drop event handler with only the diagram in your Silverlight app.)

To do that you’ll need to run your Silverlight app in windowless mode and enable HTML access.

And the other task would be to convert coordinate systems. I’m not sure about what you would have to do, but I think it would include getting the absolute position of the Silverlight app in the browser window, getting the relative location of the Diagram within the Silverlight control, and calling Diagram.Panel.TransformViewToModel to get a point in model coordinates.

I think you can find some of the information if you search the web, although it probably won’t be GoXam-specific.

Hi walter,

Thanks for your detail explanation.
As you commented using the toolkit it's possible to implement drag & drop in SL4.
I've also tried to test drag & drop for non-SL object such as javascript object but it didn't work.
I found that SL only support for the file drag & drop which is commented following article
So i decide to implement using TreeView, List in SL.
If you have any suggestion Pls inform me.
Kind regards.