Drag diagram when over a group

Hi all,

I have the (default?) behavior in GoJS that allows the user to drag the diagram (move the viewport) by clicking the mouse’s left-button. It works well, but when this action is done over a group, the drag seems disabled. Is there any possibility to keep the precedence of the dragging function? I’m not implementing anything in the group node (or note) itself except when clicking, so click+drag should still be possible in my case.

Thanks in advance.

Are you saying that the Group is being dragged when the user is trying to pan the diagram when the mouse-down happens on the Group? What permissions does the group have?

If this is the situation, the problem is because the DraggingTool comes before the PanningTool in the ToolManager.mouseMoveTools list, therefore taking precedence. But I need to understand the situation and what you want better before I can recommend a solution.

Thank you.

No, the group is not moved: we don’t support that for now. We just want to allow the user to also move the viewport around by “dragging” from inside a group.

The GIF that I’m attaching doesn’t show my mouse pointer, but shows that outside any group, the user moves the viewport. Inside a group, the diagram (viewport) cannot be moved in any way…
Mar-03-2022 13-34-11

What properties have you set on the Group, and to which values?