Drag Drop from a non-Go control

I’d like to duplicate the behavior of the Palette for creating objects but I want to implement it in a tree. Currently I have to use the double-click event to create nodes but was wondering if there was a way to implement drag&drop from a non-Go control? I believe I could modify the GoWeb.js and the mouse up event to do it but was hoping someone might know a cleaner way of doing this. Thanks.

There probably is, but it will probably need to be specific for each browser. I’m sorry I don’t have any examples for you.
I am guessing that you have already tried 2.5, since you mention being able to drag from a GoPalette to a GoView.
You’ll need to override GoView.RaisePostBackEvent (or implement some other communication mechanism) in order to pass the needed information to your view, where you can decide what to create and where to add it to your document.
In JavaScript on the client you’ll be able to call goPost (which works doing either postbacks or NoPost reloads) with an argument string that you construct, in the same manner that other GoWeb.js functions do, such as goResize.