Drag Drop hit detection on MBP retina display

I am working on a code base that uses GoJS. On a high display density display, such as a macbook pro with retina display, the drop detection is off, but on a normal display the dragover and drop detection is correct.

Is there a setting or way to configure GoJS to get the correct dragover and drop detection on a diagram?

What version of GoJS are you using? I thought we fixed that last fall (sorry, I don’t remember the exact version number off-hand).

Yeah, we tried updating the version and it didn’t seem to help but we might have done it wrong. We will look at it again Monday.


Is there a good example app I can test this on my MBP? So far, we must be doing something wrong when updating GoJS so I want to verify the newest version does work on my MBP display and then hopefully use that example code to make sure we are using it properly.

Try flowchart, dragging items from the palette as it is by default, with the page zoomed, and with the page partially scrolled down (make the window small if you have to).


I wasn’t able to see any issues, but I only tried retina displays on mobile safari (iOS), and not a retina MBP.