Drag-drop problem with animation enabled


Please, I would like to ask for some help with the following scenario:
My diagram has a feature to change a node’s superior. It can be achieved both by drag’n drop and from a function called from contextMenu, and it works on both ways.
However, the drag and drop function doesnt work when I set the animationManager.enabled = true. The diagram methods gets called normally, but the canvas only refreshes when I click somewhere in the browser again, like if my browser was “waiting” for some action…

Is there any possible known solution for this kind of issue?

There is my configuration:

.value('simulatorOrganogramSettings', {
    layout: {
      treeStyle: go.TreeLayout.StyleLastParents,
      arrangement: go.TreeLayout.ArrangementHorizontal,
      sorting: go.TreeLayout.SortingAscending,
      nodeSpacing: 50,
      angle: 90,
      layerSpacing: 35,
      alternateAngle: 90,
      alternateLayerSpacing: 35,
      alternateAlignment: go.TreeLayout.AlignmentBus
    diagram: {
      validCycle: go.Diagram.CycleDestinationTree,
      maxSelectionCount: 1,
      allowZoom: true,
      allowDelete: false,
      'animationManager.isEnabled': false,
      'toolManager.hoverDelay': 100,
      'undoManager.isEnabled': false

It sounds as if a transaction hasn’t been committed after all of the changes have been made.

The internal drag-and-drop behavior implemented by DraggingTool already makes sure that any “SelectionMoved” DiagramEvent for moves within a Diagram, or any “ExternalObjectsDropped” DiagramEvent for moves between Diagrams, commits a transaction.

However if you have implemented your own HTML drag-and-drop, that might not be the case.

Hi walter, thanks for the reply!

Yes, you were right!

My custom drag n drop function is messing with the transactions!