Drag Drop still not working in Firefox for

Drag and Drop still not working with GoDiagram Web in Firefox 3.6.13 / 3.5.16 for .Net 2.0

Its written in 4.1’s specification that Firefox’s Drag & Drop issue is been fixed but still the same problem, as was in GoDiagram Web

Still the GoView canvas section is treated like an image in Firefox 3.6.13 / 3.5.16

Is there any solution or fix for GoDiagram as I only need to fix this issue for .Net 2.0 and don’t require GoDiagram 4.1 as this need .Net Framework 4.0

Can anyone help me out for this?


Did you pick up the new GoWeb.js from 4.1 for your project?

Thanks for replying so fast.

Yes I replaced the new GoWe.js file but The browser was still using the old one.

Now that I refreshed it with the new GoWeb.js file Firefox 3.6 stopped treating GoDiagram for Web’s GoView Canvas like an image but still the Drag & Drop functionality is not working.

When I click an item it is not selected. Also sometimes when I click on any position on the Canvas, Nodes/Links at some other place are selected, but they are yet not Draggable.

Does http://www.godotnetweb.com/FlowCharter/WebForm1.aspx work for you? It does for me with Firefox 3.5.11. (It’s updating to the latest now… I’ll see how that works when it finishes.)

OK, I’m running FF 3.6.13 now, and Flowcharter still works. Does it for you?

I tried running the link you asked. Its working fine in chrome but is too slow on firefox and is hanging up the system.

Drag drop is working on firefox for above link for Flowcharter but system hangs up after 2-3 attempts.

The drag drop is still not working on Firefox for my project. Do you have any other version running for Go Diagram Web

Well, I updated my second system to FF 3.6.13, and it works fine as well. Are you running any plugins in FF? Can you try another system?

Our server is in Atlanta, so it’s going to be a little slow if you are in India.

Can you change your email to a corporate account? thanks.

Drag Drop Position element was not working properly for my project in Firefox. I also tried it on different machine.

Command e.target.x in GoWeb.js function goMouseX is not capturing value in Firefox. Its zero in all cases but the link you send me is working fine. I added e.layerX in case of FF, now its working fine.

Is there any other way to get e.target.x or y values in FF?

One more issue:

Whenever I run Go Diagram in Firefox it starts consuming more than 60% CPU resources and sometimes 100% this slows up my machine. It works fine in IE and Chrome. This issue is producing on my project’s Flowchart page and the Flowcharter link you send me.

Thanks for your help!!!

Are you running any plugins in FF?

Can you try another PC?

Can you change the email in your profile to a corporate account?

Firebug 1.6, Skype, java plugins are there.

Which plugin may be causing the issue?

System only slows down when Flowchart page is open in Firefox.

Why the corporate account is needed as I have to ask for it in my Network Department?

I can’t reproduce the problem here, so the first exercise has to be in figuring out what’s different between your environment and mine. I don’t know that plugins are to blame, I’m just trying to figure out the differences. That’s also why I asked you to try other systems.

The email is so I can look up whether you are under support. If you don’t have a corporate email, use this form to send me info regarding your company and order number.

I don’t happen to have any of your plugins, so disabling them on your system would be one thing to check.