Drag from GoView causes StackOverflowException

No matter how I seem to patch this, it keeps cropping up so I thought that I would ask.

We currently have an app that allows a user to drag data from a Telerik RadGridView to a Northwoods GoView to add items (this is working correctly). There have been instances where the user wants to be able to drag the item back to the RadGridView (to remove it from the GoView).
It seems as though your code has a large amount of built in events for dragging and dropping that we are making use of. My question is, in order to pass data from the GoView to the RadGridView, I need to add the GoObject data to the Me.DoDragDrop(goView.Selection, DragDropEffects.Move)
This is causing a StackOverFlowException if the user drags out but doesn't drop the item on the grid. Or, if I move the piece out and then back again multiple times I can reproduce this.
I tried to implement the MouseDown event for the GoView, but then all previous functionality that seems to be wired "under the covers" no longer works (or is not implemented).
So in order to drag out and not remove current functionality, I added the DragDrop code to the goView.DragLeave event. I am sure that this is what's causing it, but I don't have a better means to implement this functionality.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
Private Sub goViewItem_DragLeave(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles goViewItem.DragLeave
If sender.GetType() Is GetType(Northwoods.Go.GoView) Then
Dim goView As GoView = CType(sender, Northwoods.Go.GoView)
If Not goView.Selection Is Nothing Then
If Not goView.Selection.Primary Is Nothing Then
If Not goView.Selection.Primary.DraggingObject Is Nothing Then
' HACK: Fix for StackOverflowException
' if the user moves the piece in and out of the virtual bed quickly
' multiple times, the stack will be overrun
' this will check if the item entered into the dragdrop has changed
' if it has, then add it
If _GoSelectionAddedToDragDrop Is Nothing Then
_GoSelectionAddedToDragDrop = goView.Selection
End If
If (goView.Selection Is _GoSelectionAddedToDragDrop) Then
_GoSelectionAddedToDragDrop = goView.Selection
Me.DoDragDrop(goView.Selection, DragDropEffects.Move)
End If
End If
End If
End If
End If
Catch ex As StackOverflowException
ex = ex
Catch ex As Exception
ex = ex
End Try
End Sub
Thanks as always.

Thanks, we’ll take a look at this. What version of GoDiagram are you running?

We are using a trial version of WinDiagram Full The Telerik Grid is from Q2 2007 SP2 (trial).
Reproducing the issue is somewhat spotty. But as expected, the customer seems to be able to reproduce this issue on a dime. :)
Anyway, thanks so much for your time.

We think the problem is you are trying to start another DragDrop while in the middle of the first one, and that’s not something Windows allows.

Can you override the OnDrop in the Telerik control to handle the Go > Telerik object mapping?