Drag label along bezier line

Hi there, I’ve looked at the sample https://gojs.net/latest/extensions/LinkLabelOnPathDragging.html and did the same, but for curved bezier lines (curve: Link.Bezier), but the label moves on the bezier tangents.

How can I make it move on the bezier line itself?

We’re currently working on some improvements to the library for positioning of link labels along the link’s route which should be coming out in the next release. Those changes should make it easier to achieve what you want here.

Hi @jhardy, When can I expect those changes?

Probably some time next week.

We just released 2.1.4, which includes improvements to finding points along a link route using segmentIndex and segmentFraction. We also updated the LinkLabelOnPathDraggingTool to work better for Bezier links.

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Amazing. It works! Thank you!