Drag, move and drop

Hello all,

I am a new user of GoDiagram and i would like to know how I can do to allow users to move in a GoView panel by drag move and drop?

I would like to do as in google map when you move the map clicking left then moving the mouse and then droping the left click.

Is there a method to do that?

Can I easily program that?

Thanks all.

J-L Mouillet.

Win or Web?


Do you think I have to use Winform methods and not Godiagram’s?

Thanks for having replied jake.

Drag, Move and Drop are built in to GoDiagam, you shouldn’t have to do anything to make that work.

You can enable Google Maps style panning using the instructions in the GoWin API reference manual under the topic “GoToolPanning class, remarks”. (By default, it is enabled as the middle mouse button.)

The API reference is available as help within Visual Studio.

Thanks a lot Jake!!!

I didn’t notice before the middle mouse button panning by default.