Draggable labels for links

Hi, I am trying to implement a draggable label functionality for GoLabeledLinks (simialr to Processor demo application). I can drag , remove and move the label around independent of the link. But I cannot delete or remove the label. I tried using the GoLabelelLink::Remove(GoObject childObjectToRemove) call, but it isnt working in my application. I tried this in Processor demo app, and it isnt working in it either. Is there some other way o remove child object from a GoLabeledLink. The documentation for this method states that : "This method is not normally called". Is it that child objects of GoLabeled links cannot be removed ? Or is it that I am doing something wrong ? Thanks, Rafique

Every once in a while, someone discovers a surprising bug. This is one of them, in the implementation of GoLabeledLink.Remove.
I don’t understand the documentation either.
I guess we should fix GoLabeledLink.Remove to work correctly for children that are not one of the standard children (FromLabel, MidLabel, ToLabel), and for compatibility change the LinkLabel constructor in the Processor example to turn off Deletable.
It’s possible to work-around this, but it would be easier to give you a new DLL. Send me e-mail.