Draggable links validation problem


I have implemented a validity function and set “linkValidation” to it for both linkingTool and relinkingTool. Also, i have draggable links in my palette.
My problem is when i drag a link from my palette it is not recognized as link until i drop it on the diagram’s canvas, so the validity function doesen’t activate and unallowed linking is possible. the same problem occurs when i drag the whole link that is already in the diagram.

  1. How can i fix this problem?
  2. How to prevent the unvalid (automatic) linking when dropped a link on a node (from palette or diagram)?


That appears to be a bug. Let us work on a bug fix for the next release, which could be later this week.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

OK, this will be fixed in 1.5.8. Watch this forum or our Twitter feed for news when it is released.