Dragging objects onto CollapsibleRecordNode

I want to allow users to drag child nodes from one collapsiblerecordnode on the palette to another on the canvas. When the node is “dropped”, I want it to become a child of the node that it was dropped on.

Can you point me towards a demo that does something along these lines? I have my nodes, specifically, I’m getting stumped on determining where the node was dropped, and what node it was dropped on.

I’m using the web version.

CollapsingRecordNode does support dropping CollapsingRecordNodeItem and CollapsingRecordNodeItemList objects. Have you looked at that code? The evt.Object points to the object being dropping on, and the view.selection is the object(s) being dropped.

I’m sorry for not getting it, but I don’t see any reference to evt.Object, except in DemoDocument.cs in the LayoutDemo sample project. When I look at that code, it appears that the object being dropped is contained in evt.Object, and to be honest, I don’t see how the other object is ascertained.

When I run the Demo1 example on your website, I don’t see where the collapsingrecord object accepts any drops to create new child nodes underneath it.

I guess I was looking for something that would fire the OnSelectionDropped method of the collapsingrecordnode object. I don’t see were that is fired though. Although I can get the reject method to be invoked.

Can you repoint me to the specific code that you are referring to?

Ignore the previous post please. I found what I was doing wrong. I didn’t create the node with insertable=true, so the drop reject was returning true prior to getting to the dropselection code.