Dragging outline instead of shape

I’ve been searching and couldn’t find this anywhere but…

Is it possible to drag an outline of a shape rather than the shape itself? Is this an option I can set (in the view or something)?

try GoView.DragsRealtime = false

Thank you for the reply, Jake…

Yeah, I saw that, but that drags an exact copy of the node around the diagram. What I’m looking to do is to drag just an un-filled box with dotted lines with the same dimensions as the node I am moving.

You can override GoToolDragging.CreateDragSelection

look here: 100% CPU when DragsRealtime is false

Thanks Jake,

That worked. Here’s what I ended up with…

public override GoSelection CreateDragSelection()

        GoSelection dropSel = new GoSelection(null);

        GoRectangle currob = new GoRectangle();
        currob.Bounds = this.CurrentObject.Bounds;
        currob.Visible = false;

        GoCollection coll = new GoCollection();
        foreach (GoObject obj in (this.EffectiveSelection != null ? this.EffectiveSelection : this.Selection))
            GoRectangle outline = new GoRectangle();
            RectangleF bounds = obj.DraggingObject.Bounds;
            outline.Bounds = bounds;
            Pen pen = new Pen(outline.Pen.Brush);
            pen.DashStyle = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle.Dot;
            outline.Pen = pen; 
        return dropSel;