Draw the link and deliberately cancel,the TextEditingTool is triggered, hiding the text area

When we draw the link and deliberately cancel, the TextEditingtool is triggered, hiding the text area.How can I avoid this?

“textEditingTool.doActivate”: function() {
if (this.textBlock) this.textBlock.opacity = 0.0;

Cancelling the operation of the LinkingTool does not start the TextEditingTool, unless you have some code that is doing so.

Cancelling any tool will stop the current tool and start the Diagram.defaultTool. Perhaps you have set that property to be a TextEditingTool.

If I have not edited the text, the above will not happen. When I edit the text, it will appear. What should I do at texteditingtool to handle this situation?

I’m sorry, but I do not understand the circumstances that you are talking about. You will need to provide more explanations and code to describe the situation.