DrawCommandHandler and model updates


I’ve started to use the DrawCommandHandler sample in our application to allow use of the arrow buttons to move shapes around. We also have an event handler hooked up to update our files when properties in the model have changed. The event handler is fired when we move shapes with the mouse, but is not fired when the arrow keys are used. The CommittedTransaction event does get fired, but e.object is always null. Is DrawCommandHandler missing something to trigger the correct events?

Do you have a TwoWay Binding on the Node.location or Node.position property, and are the model data objects actually changed? The transaction ChangedEvent.object might be null if there were no recorded ChangedEvents during the transaction.

Thanks, I think I’ve figured it out, your post gave me the clue. The transaction ChangedEvent.object was null even for the case where I’m moving things round with the mouse. I see transactions are tied in with the undo manager and I didn’t have that enabled. Now I have it enabled, the ChangedEvent.object is populated. So I should hopefully be able to get it working now