Drawing arrow heads

hi , Our application requires drawing arrows on the JGoLabeledLink. Other than the from port and the to port i want the arrows to be displayed on the center of all the three segments of the link. I had overwritten the calculateStoke() method, by calculating the arrow co-ordinates using the calculateFilledArrowHead(),passed the array of co-ordinates to the drawArrowHead() for drawing the arrows at the respective co-ordinates. The problem is that the arrows are not displayed. I could just see the blink of the arrows when i try to refresh the view. When I try to move the stream on the view I see the blink of the arrows. I could not find out why the arrows are not displayed permanently. Is there anyway this can be achieved ? Pavan


i got the answer for my problem. the drawArrowhead() function needs a BufferedImageGraphics object as an argument. in my previous case i used a different graphics object. Now i am overwriting the paint method which uses bufferedimagegraphics.