Drawing link does not deselect everything else

I don’t know if it’s been this way forever or something changed recently, but when I draw a new link all the previously selected nodes and links stay selected. If I add a new node then everything is deselected except the added node, so adding links & nodes has different deselection behavior. I even went to a sample and this behavior is there:


Going back to our code that used GoJS 1.6.21 when adding a new link everything else is deselected. I looked all through our code and don’t see anywhere that we are manually deselecting.


  1. Should GoJS automatically deselect everything else when a link is drawn? If so then it doesn’t appear to be working.

  2. If it has never deselected everything else when a link is drawn, is there a setting to tell GoJS to automatically do this?

OK, I’m not going crazy - 2.0.21 does deselect everything else when drawing a link.


That is a change of behavior in 2.1.0. We’ll investigate it.

Thanks for looking into this Walter. This is a bad behavior change for our product as users draw a link then a properties panel displays where they enter data. With the new GoJS change, since multiple items are now selected, the properties panel doesn’t display, so you have to click on the background then reselect the link to show the properties.

This will be fixed in 2.1.6, thanks for reporting.