Drawing the graphs of links

I want to draw the graphs of links
I have read the samples exemple of Gojs.
But I have trouble to automatically trace edges and make links by clicking
I am new with gojs. Thanks for your help

Could you explain what you want to do? “automatically trace edges and make links by clicking” isn’t clear to me.

It might be helpful to show a screenshot, perhaps marked up with what you want.

Here is this example of what I want to trace

Thanks you for your answer Walter

Did you mean that you want your users to be able to draw and edit circuit diagrams? Or was there more to that – what do you mean by “trace”?

yes I want that users to be able to draw and edit circuit diagrams first.
I want to do more after , I mean by ‘trace’ draw and edit

At the moment there is no specific circuit diagram editor sample that we offer. We’re thinking about implementing such a sample, but that will take a while.

In the meantime, you can find several sample editors that are similar.

Perhaps you’ll want to start with the Logic Circuit sample: Logic Circuit.

If you do, you’ll probably want to strip out the simplistic simulation code from there. On the other hand, you might find how it does simulation instructive for your own purposes, depending on what you want to accomplish in the long run.

Regardless of which sample you start with, you will need to extend the node templates so that the nodes are more suitable for general electronic circuit designs, rather than just boolean logic circuits. That will involve creating an SVG shape for each kind of “node”, and then using each SVG’s geometry path string in a GoJS Shape. (See Icons GoJS Sample for an example of that.)

Thank you for your help Walter .
I will try to see the logic circuits if I could reach my need based on it