Dual Monitor problem

Everything works just fine when there is only monitor connected to the computer.
Now we are using two monitors on one computer. The main monitor is for the operations of our software, and the second one is for graphic display in which GoDiagram is used. This will be the standard settings when our software is used.
When GoDiagram graph window is placed in the main monitor, the GoDiagram graph updates accordingly as we expect, but when GoDiagram graph window is placed in the second monitor, no matter which property is changed, the GoDiagram graph stays unchanged. Even the GoView’s Document property is changed, or the window size is changed, or the Pen or Brush property of some nodes is changed, the graph does not update at all. But other controls such as DevExpress grid can update.
Could you check this problem and suggest a workaround please?

That’s weird. Jake often operates that way when developing, and he never mentioned that problem. And occasionally when I have given presentations using two monitors, I never noticed any problems.

Can the user interact with the GoView at all? Scroll, zoom, select, etc?

In terms of functionality, everything works, but graphically not. For example, when doing Ctrl+Mouse roll button zooming, we can see the scrollbars change their size, but the GoView does not update.

OK, we solved this problem by adding one line of code in our form: