Dummy anchor for GoBalloon

The nodes in our application are self-documenting via GoBalloons which show and hide on mouse hover and timer activity. Our view window contains a splitter, the pane of which is filled by a Windows ListView. When we drag certain node types from the GoView into this area, they are removed from the document and inserted into this ListView.
We would like to to continue to show the documenting GoBalloons on hover over the ListViewItems. I experimented with creating a dummy view and document at the mouse hover point, inserting some invisible node into the dummy document, and creating a GoBalloon wtih this dummy node as the anchor, however this did not seem to work. Do you have a suggestion on how this could be accomplished? Thanks very much.

That should work, except that GoView does not support transparent backgrounds, so it won’t look very nice. Maybe if you created a Bitmap from that and then drew the image, since that image could support transparency.
For efficiency I hope you are reusing a single GoView and GoDocument.