Duplicate Nodes

This Issue is reproduceable in the FlowGrammer-Demo.
Set the “AllowDelete”-Property of die Diagram “myDiagram” in the FlowGrammer.xaml to “False”.
Then try to insert a Node in the Diagram - this results in two Nodes. One inserted and the other one “hanging around”.

How get I prevent the nodes to be deleted, but also get rid of this hanging node?

I found the solution!
I referenced the GoWPF Assembly over nuget, but the Nuget-Package is not up to date - it’s still the 2.1.1 Version! If I referenced my local Assembly, all works well.
Can’t you make an updated nuget-Package for Version 2.1.5?

We have been thinking about using NuGet as the principal distribution mechanism, for both the library (including bug fix releases such as 2.1.5) and for all of the samples and documentation. I assume that would be good for you.

Yes, this would be nice. It would make things much easier.
I’m looking forward for this solution.

OK, I have published Northwoods.GoWPF version 2.1.5 up at NuGet.org.

(I published Northwoods.GoSilverlight 2.1.5 also.)

That’s great - thank you!