Dynamic Palette height

Im using go.js 2.3.5 version. We have implement Palette in our projects. We have defined the height as 250px in our HTML file. Is it possible to adjust the height of the Palette dynamically based on the content height?

You could implement a “DocumentBoundsChanged” DiagramEvent listener and set the Div’s height to be the Diagram.documentBounds height.

What should happen when the user zooms in or zooms out?
Perhaps the Div height should be adjusted by multiplying by the Diagram.scale.

Actually the user doesnt need to zoom in/out the text. it should be in standard size. Is it possible? Can you give some example for reference

Set Diagram.allowZoom to false.

new go.Diagram(...,
    allowZoom: false,
    "DocumentBoundsChanged": e => {
      var dia = e.diagram;
      dia.div.style.height = (dia.documentBounds.height+24) + "px";
    . . .