Dynamic Resizing of Webforms

Hi all, I am new to GoDiagram and wanted to ask how can you set the web form to resize dynamically based on the browser window. Currently I can resize the canvas and the pallete by increasing the px size. But I would like to set it to where no matter what the size of my browser window is the web form can dynamically adjust to taking up that whole space. Can someone please help with this?


There’s no way to do that dynamically the way you could a cell in a Table, for instance. But if you look at the Classier Demo, you’ll see that it uses javascript on the client side to set the size of the GoView.

Hi Jake, ok i have some more questions, What do you mean by Classier Demo? Another thing is I’m not sure if i stated the question right. I am attaching screenshot of just this screen and you can see the Edit Post gray box keeps its outline regardless of the browser’s size. Jake i do have other questions and have posted them today can you please help me with them.

Thank you

Still Need help Jake…
I got the following from Classier example and modified to fit our version and this is what I have:

 <asp:UpdatePanel runat=“server” ID=“UppMain” ChildrenAsTriggers=“true” UpdateMode=“Always” >

and href:
When I click the test button I have created this maximizes the Canvas. so Now I have 2 problems/Questions
1. how do I expand this canvas without clicking on the test link?
2. The problem I am running into now is that when I expand the browser window the Canvas resizes it self to that size but since the Palette size is fixed the Canvas is running off the screen. Can you tell me how I can limit the expanding size of the Canvas in comparison to the Palette? And I want the Palette to stay consistent. I am attaching a screenshot of this for you to see what I have.


2) in the line w -= 20;, make the "20" be (20 + width of palette)

Hi Jake,

For #2 - it worked thank you so much
For #1 - I cannot call a page because our form would be within an IFrame. any other suggestion on this?
Thank you so much for helping me with the resize issue

Ok I spoke too soon on the resize working - When I maximize my browser window the resize fits perfectly but when minimize my browser window to a smaller window size the Canvas does not fit into the browser window. Any thoughts?

Right… the sample only does the MaximizeWidth once, not on resize events. You should be able to write some javascript in the page to handle the resize event.

like this:

Thanks Jake.