Edit GoText in view layer / OnSingleClick

I have a GoText object that resides in a view layer; not a docuemnt layer.

The layer has AllowEdit set and Layer.CanEditObjects() return true.
The GoText has Editable set.
When I click on the GoText, however, its editor does not open; in fact, GoText.OnSingleClick() is not even getting called.
How can I set up a GoText in a view layer to respond to OnSingleClick() (in order to be editable) ?
Do I need to change the Layer behavior in some way ?

I just figured out that I can override GoView.DoSingleClick() to call GoText.OnSingleClick().

Is there another way to coerce the view layer to call GoText.OnSingleClick() ?

Another way to do this would be to create a GoToolSelecting Tool and replace the default one. In that Tool, override DoClick.

The GoTool.DoClick is the code that calls GoView.OnSingleClick. You can call View.PickObject to look for your special view-only GoText objects.
GoObject obj = this.View.PickObject(false, true, dc, true); // just selectable objects in the view
GoText t = obj as GoText;
if (t != null) ...