Ellipsis and multi-value attributes

Way to make multi value attribute and Drived attribute use ellipsis?

Could you please explain what you mean, and also include a screenshot for what you currently have implemented and a screenshot or sketch of how you want it to be instead?

I would like drawing multi value attribute and Drived attribute in Entity Relationship Diagram Tool use ellipsis

Have you read GoJS Nodes -- Northwoods Software ?

And GoJS Panels -- Northwoods Software and GoJS Table Panels -- Northwoods Software ?

That should give you enough techniques so that you can define each node the way that you want.

I will read it now

I searched the links above and found nothing about drived attribute and multi value attribute
,just found weak entity (FrameRectangle)

The reason for suggesting reading those Introduction pages is that you learn about how to define the appearance (and behavior) of the nodes in the way that you want.

Or at least I thought that was what your question was asking.

Thank you I will read again …

I’m a beginner in learning GOJS

I know it takes time, but it really is worth learning how to use Panels and Shapes and TextBlocks and Pictures. There is so much power and flexibility in GoJS, that there is a lot to learn.

Is there a problem if the graduation project is designed using GoJS?

I’m sorry I’m a lot of questions. Please forgive me
I am a student at the Faculty of Computer Science. I want to use the GoJS in the graduation project. Does this cause a problem with the producing company ??
Can the university reject my project?

We give a lot of free licenses to people doing a thesis or similar academic project. Just ask GoSales (at) nwoods.com.

But unless you purchase a support contract you won’t be able to ask questions here or by email.

how to save

JSON format in phpMyAdmin Database ??

how to save JSON Format In phMyAdmin

I’m sorry, but we don’t know anything about phpMyAdmin. I, for one, don’t know PHP at all.

Thanks for your reply

How to convert the graphic to SQL format instead of JSON format

and how to add data type to my node