Ellipsis should cut last word in the middle and not remove it

I am using go.TextBlock.OverflowEllipsis in a TextBlock.
My text contians a number and then a word that can sometimes be long. For example ‘0 loooooonnngword’. Right now the result I get in this case is something like this ‘0 …’ Instead I would like to have the second word shown partially. Something like this ‘0 looo…’
How can I do this?

If there isn’t enough room for the ellipsis, it will have to cut out more in order to make room.
Try making it slightly wider.

I’m pretty sure this is not the issue.
When using this text for example : “0abcdefghijklmnop” the result was image
But when using this text: ‘0 abcdefghijklmnop’ the result was image

The width is the same in both cases and didn’t change.

I see what you mean. We’ll look into this.

This will work if you also set wrap: go.TextBlock.WrapBreakAll