Embed 3rd-party JS component inside of a GoJS Node


Is it possible to embed a 3rd-party JS component inside of a GoJS node?

I have a requirement to embed Kendo UI widgets inside of node. For example, embedding the following chart widget: http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/chart-api/index

If it is possible, can you provide sample code on how to do it?


In general the answer is no. For performance reasons diagrams are not rendered using arbitrary HTML but instead they use the Canvas element.

However if the component/control/widget can be rendered into an image or a canvas, then you can do it. For example:

Furthermore for simple cases it might be sufficient to render using GoJS itself. For example:

But GoJS does not pretend to provide real charting functionality, despite the initial appearances shown by the above examples. You can see how each of those kinds of charts are implemented, since their complete source code is right there on each page.

Thanks Walter

I suspected that was the case.