Embed loading Canvas animation using go.Picture


In the Pictures documentation, it says that element property can be a HTMLImageElement, HTMLVideoElement, or HTMLCanvasElement.
Picture | GoJS API

I already have a loading animation canvas element. I want to embed that canvas element into element property of the node. I have gone through few resources, but in vain. Can someone please help me embedding a canvas element into the go.Picture property ?
Thank you :)

Here’s an example that loads canvases into go.Pictures in nodes. Various Charts in GoJS Nodes

Hey jhardy, thanks for the reply.
I have two questions :
My motto is to get a loading animation inside the nodes of the diagram.

  1. I have tried sourcing the loading GIF inside the node. But for some reason it shows a static picture.
  2. I have a loader animation generated by HTMLCanvasElement and I tried to refer this link (Picture | GoJS API) and set the canvas element for each of the node.
    Even here I got a static loading picture. Where am I doing wrong ?

Could you send us the canvas element you’re trying to use so we can look at it? If you don’t want to post it here, you can email GoJS at our domain, nwoods.com.