Embedding React(MUI)'s DataGridPro on GoJS's Node object


Now I’m looking for the way to embed React(MUI)'s DataGridPro grid into GoJS’s Node.

I found a similar example code in GoJS’s sample/IVRtree.html. this sample uses GoJS’s Table component to show table-like data
in Node object. but I want to use MUI’s DataGridPro instead of GoJS’s native Table component.

Is it possible to do that?


No, one cannot embed any HTML into any Node or Link. GoJS would be much slower and have less rendering flexibility if it did, and there would be lots of problems involving z-ordering and input event handling.

Hi, Walter.
Thank you for quick reply.

Ok. I understood. I will look for another way to do what I want.


If it’s OK to just show an image of the HTML, you could show it as a foreignObject in SVG in a Picture: Rich Text Rendering