Entity Relationship Diagram

Hi ,

i am using entity relationship diagram. Want all links coming out of a node to have different color.

Please share me any example which has this feature .

I have already referred http://gojs.net/latest/samples/PERT.html , but no luck. need to implement the same feature for entity relationship diagram . [Please share any working example]

How to add Legends in Entity Relationship diagram

Thanks in advance.

There are lots of choices that satisfy your stated constraint.

The Basic sample, http://gojs.net/latest/samples/basic.html, demonstrates how each link can have a different color, based on a property on the link data. Oh, I guess the PERT sample that you mention already does this, where the converter looks at the data of both connected Nodes.

But if you mean that you want all of the links coming out of a node to share the same color, you could do something like what the “General Validation” example shows on the Validation Intro page: http://gojs.net/latest/intro/validation.html.

Regarding legends, please read: http://gojs.net/latest/intro/legends.html.