Error: Global.asax

when I include Northwoods.GoWeb.GoView.VersionName = “SgfQU9…”; this line into Global.asax it show me the below error “Built using GoDiagram Web 2.6 Copyright © Northwoods Software, 1998-2007. All Rights Reserved.The license for this copy of GoDiagram Web is invalid or has expired.<o:p> </o:p>Please purchase a license at

If you have already purchased a GoDiagram (base library) development license,have you requested an Unlock Code for your development machine by running the GoDiagram LicenseManager?

For ASP.NET 1.1 or ASP.NET 2.0 with Web Application Projects:If you have already entered an Unlock Code in the LicenseManager,did you insert a VersionName assignment statement into your web application constructor?(Generate this statement by clicking on Generate License Key button in the License Manager.)If you already have a GoView.VersionName assignment statement, is the license key up-to-date for this version? (You need to regenerate the license key for each new major/minor version of the assembly.)You also cannot rename your assembly after it has been linked.

For ASP.NET 2.0 with Web Site project model:If you have already entered an Unlock Code in the LicenseManager, did you build an App_Licenses.dll assembly in your Bin subdirectory? (Make sure the needed components and correct FOUR-part VERSION are listed in the LICENSES.LICX file,and that you invoke ‘Build Runtime Licenses’ on the LICENSES.LICX file in the Solution Explorer.)If you already have built an App_Licenses.dll assembly, is the license key up-to-date for this version? (You need to explicitly invoke ‘Build Runtime Licenses’ for each new major/minor version of the assembly.)There should not be any GoView.VersionName assignment statements in your web application constructor.

Environment info:
null entry

Without the above line what I mentioned to add in the Global.Asax it will run properly. Give me suggession to rectify the problem. the tools are purchased

Are you using the Web Site project model or the Web Application project model? Depending on the answer, follow all of the instructions listed in the error message. The instructions were better formatted in the actual error report, unlike in your post above, which I have edited for clarity.

We are using web site project model

If removing that assignment statement makes it work, what’s the problem? That’s what the instructions say for Web Site project models. Please remember to follow all the other instructions for the Web Site project model, too.

Due to the deployment process when i add the above code into Global.asax file with license key it show me error.

Sorry i cant get your answer. what do u mean hee assignment operation. Give me example