Error in VS using the eval license


I have been working with the GoDiagram eval for a week or two now and have not had any license issues. Starting this afternoon I am now seeing the following error everytime I attempt to run my app within VS.Net. What could I have changed to cause an error like this, and more importantly how do I correct it?

C:\Visual Studio Projects\GoDiagramTest\licenses.licx Could not transform licenses file ‘licenses.licx’ into a binary resource. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



Did that file change today? If so, can you tell what the change was?
Does the GoDiagram LicenseManager indicate that the evaluation license has expired?
Since you are just compiling and running with an evaluation license, you don’t really need the lines in the LICX file referring to any Northwoods.Go.* components and/or assemblies. So you could delete them. You can add them back in again (you can just copy the lines from any of the sample applications) after you purchase a license.
Actually, for Web Forms and for the Pocket PC, you don’t need the LICX file at all, at least for Northwoods.Go* components.


The expiration date in license manager shows all the components as expiring on 2004-11-5 so that does not seem to be the problem.

I did not change anything in the licenses.licx file. The only entries in the file are the ones for the GoDiagram components. I removed those entries as suggested and it is now back to working as before.

Your response does lead me to a couple of questions and issues though. I was unaware that the eval license would “expire”. When this happens does this mean that I will no longer be able to run or compile my application? If this happens will I be able to get another eval license or an extension of some sort to continue working? I am assuming at this point that even if we have a decision to use your product the purchase process will take some time and it is an almost certainty that it will not be completed prior to 11/5.

Another potential issue could arise as a result of our development environment and/or your licensing. In our environment there are several projects, most which will not use any of the GoDiagram componenets. These projects are all hosted in a common enviroment using a common application framework.

Will every developer need to have a license simply to pull the source out of the source tree and build their (unrelated) project?

I like your product so far but it will be a show stopper if we cannot get this to work in our enviroment without having to license developers who are not part of our project.


Just send us mail and we’ll tell you how to extend the evaluation license.
We can also figure out what’s the best way to meet your build needs.



Just send us mail and we’ll tell you how to extend the evaluation license.

We can also figure out what’s the best way to meet your build needs.


To whom would I send the request for an extension on the eval license?



If you are looking for an e-mail address:
We should have sent you e-mail when you registered; you could reply to that.