Error on link reshaping

We get following error on trying to reshape link, this issue we see when we upgraded goJS version from 1.8.38 to 2.1.56.

What is your code that results in the error?

We have following code for link template,
error occurs, when we try to drag the handle on link for reshaping,
the same code on 1.8.38 works well, but not on 2.1.56

new go.Binding(“points”).makeTwoWay(),
{ reshapable: true, resegmentable: true, adjusting: go.Link.End },
go.GraphObject.make(go.Shape, new go.Binding(‘stroke’, ‘isNew’, (isNew: boolean) => isNew ? ‘#49E0C6’ : ‘black’),
new go.Binding(‘stroke’, ‘isInvalid’, (isInvalid: boolean) => isInvalid ? ‘red’ : ‘black’)),
go.GraphObject.make(go.Shape, { toArrow: ‘Triangle’ }, new go.Binding(‘fill’, ‘isNew’, (isNew: boolean) => isNew ? ‘#49E0C6’ : ‘black’),
new go.Binding(‘fill’, ‘isInvalid’, (isInvalid: boolean) => isInvalid ? ‘red’ : ‘black’),
new go.Binding(‘stroke’, ‘isInvalid’, (isInvalid: boolean) => isInvalid ? ‘red’ : ‘black’)),
{ fromEndSegmentLength: 0, toEndSegmentLength: 0, segmentOrientation: go.Link.OrientAlong },

The link template looks OK, although I may have missed something because the code is not formatted properly.

Could you please post all of your diagram-related code that is causing the exception?

When I comment two way binding on template it works fine. We don’t have any specific code on our side on which we see error.
On error attached above, there is no files from our code in error stack.
It is pointing to files from library.

Could you please try replacing the go.js file with the go-debug.js file, to see if there are any warnings or errors reported in the console window that wouldn’t be caught by the go.js file?

followed by
We see same error.
After replacing the go.js file with the go-debug.js file.

The problem is that I do not have enough context to be able to guess what the problem really is. That’s why I was asking for more of your code. If you feel uncomfortable posting your code, you could consider sending us email to gojs at our domain,