ERROR RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Hi Sir/Mam,

I am implemented GoJS in Angular project which hosted in SharePoint online page.
My client has purchased license for GoJS since last 4 years.

Sometime my wireframe component which contains GoJS code for “Draggable Link” thrown me below error, and it does’t load the chart or wireframe.

Please assist me for how to resolve above error.


Could you please show the bottom part of the stack trace? What you show is not informative.

What is the user doing when this happens?

Here is the expanded error.

As shown error is in line number 1744 below is the SS for the same.

I have different row column structure each column contains different wireframe. When user copy wireframe from one column and paste it to another column. The wireframe from source column (from where user copied wireframe) is disappear and giving “ERROR RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded” and it doesn’t load wireframe.

I’m not able to figure out what you are doing that would cause such a problem.
Is there any way that you can make the app available for us to debug?
Or can you simplify your app greatly, just using the minimum code needed to reproduce the problem?

In below video you can see that wireframe doesn’t load when i am navigate back to the column and it gives error.

I’ve spent some time rewatching the video, and I still cannot tell what is happening. I suggest that you set a breakpoint at the code that causes the stack overflow and see what you can figure out about what is happening.

As shown in video when i navigate back to that column it doesn’t load wireframe again. That’s the problem. First time it is loading correctly.

I have no idea of what your code is doing. I cannot help you unless you provide a way for me to reproduce the problem. That is why I am trying to help you help yourself.

I have successfully resolved it. There was a problem related to Zone JS in index file.

I’m glad you found the problem, because I never could have. It’s difficult when the framework causes problems.