Error when create a disconnected link without from node

Hi, i am using the release 1.7.16

When i try to create a disconnected link without source node, i am getting a error.

The diagram is configured with

'linkingTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid': true,

When i create a link without destination node, i haven’t any problem

The console content is


You must have some code to be able to start drawing a new link from no node/port at all but the diagram background, is that true? If so, what code are you using to accomplish that feature?

Hi Walter, i am using the ‘Draggable Link’ as base. According to this example, if i configure “linkingTool.isUnconnectedLinkValid” in true, i can create links without one of the two ends.
I did this and i can create a link without the “to” node, but i get a error when i try to create a link without “from” node.
In the sample, all is ok, no error.


I cannot reproduce that problem with Draggable Link.

However, I can create a disconnected link with no “fromNode”, without ever reconnecting an existing link:

This depends on the fact that the ports on the “End” nodes only support GraphObject.toLinkable and not GraphObject.fromLinkable. So that the only way to draw a new link connecting with a port on an “End” node must go “to” that “End” node.