Evaluation message showing up on one machine, but no others

We’ve been using GoJS in our web app for a while now, currently v2.1. We have numerous overnight and dev builds we can access.

Over the last few days I have been seeing the GoJS evaluation message in the top left of the canvas “GoJS 2.1 evaluation” etc. However, this is only happening when I access the apps from my laptop, regardless of browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Win10). This happens whether the build is my own or one built by someone else or our overnights. However, if I access any of the same builds using a shared VM, the message is not visible and none of my colleagues is seeing the message. I’ve done a call where two of us are looking at the same url at the same time and I get the evaluation message on my laptop, not on a shared VM and not on their machine.

Our licence key is specified as documentaed as far as I can tell.

What could be causing just my machine to throw up the evaluation message?

Something must have changed on your machine. The app hasn’t changed, has it? There is nothing in GoJS that is time-dependent or that depends on any server anywhere.

Is the domain on which you are accessing your web app either localhost or part of whatever domain that you had gotten the license key for?

If you are running your web app from some IP address instead of localhost, that might explain why you see the watermark on your machine but other people are not.

I’ve figured out the cause and it’s an accessibility issue that I;ve managed to reproduce on two machines using different mechanisms.

On my own laptop I use dark mode as much as possible and an extension called Dark Reader on my browsers. When this is enabled and I refresh the page the evaluation message appears. When I disable and refresh, the message disappears. This is quite a widely used extension for those of us with visual issues.

The second method was on a shared machine where I don’t go to so much trouble, and just enable the built-in Windows high contrast theme: the browsers here have no extensions installed at all. Enabling the High Constrast (light or dark) theme and refreshing causes the evaluation message to appear. Disabling the High Contrast theme and refreshing removes the evaluation message again.

I wouldn’t expect accessibility features to cause behavioural changes.

That explains it. We fixed this in 2.2.6, so if you upgrade to 2.2 and replace your license key, the problem should go away.