Evaluation water mark shows in GoXAM window


if we have installed 64 bit application, it is not working. We are getting wpf evaluation text watermark in the form as shown below.
go evaluation

It’s working so far for 32 bit application.

Do we need to upgrade the License or we need to have 64 bit Northwoods.GoWPF & Northwoods.GoXam dlls.


Precisely which version of the library are you using?

Can you set your project’s Platform Target to be Any CPU, and if you do, do you still see the watermark?

HI walter,

we are using the following version.


my project platform target is Any CPU.


Hmmm. Is the name of your executable the same for both the 32 and the 64 bit targets?
Note that the run-time license key string depends on the executable name.

Name of the executable is same. And it targets to Any CPU.

What kinds of executable are they? Is there a WPF System.Windows.Application class? What is the name of the assembly that defines your Application class? Did you use that name when you generated the run-time license key for each executable?

Yes. It is System.Windows.Application , Winforms application.

Name of our assembly is - Company.Application.Module

We have been using the license code from very long, don’t know really how we generated. So far no issue.

The issue started with 64 bit application, so far we have used 32 bit application.

So you have set System.Windows.Application.Current?

Which framework version are you targeting?

We are using .Net Framework 4.8

We didn’t set anything.

For your information - All the functionality is working fine in GoXam. Getting only water mark in 64 bit application.

From the documentation:

If you are building a Windows Forms app or are deploying a DLL into an unmanaged application, there might not be a value for the static/shared property System.Windows.Application.Current. If that is the case, you can just create an instance of a trivial class that inherits from System.Windows.Application; creating it will automatically set Application.Current.

I hadn’t know before that you were building a Windows Forms app. I just wanted to confirm that you had created a subclass of System.Windows.Application and created an instance of it.

Are you using the same GoXam DLL in both applications? And the name of the EXE or DLL that holds that Application class is the same for both applications?

It would be great if you have a sample project so that we can test in both 32 bit & 64 bit.

Can you please share a project, We can test.


I’ll do this when I get some free time.

The watermark does not show whether I target x86, x64, or AnyCPU.

You can look at the project I created:

I just created a new C# Windows Forms .NET Framework 4.8 application, added an ElementHost for WPF controls, copied the State Chart .xaml and .xaml.cs files into the project, and set the ElementHost’s Child to be an instance of the StateChart UserControl.

That sample code does have a couple dependencies on the GoWpfDemo sample framework, so I did have to make some trivial changes to the C# code. But it is basically unmodified from the GoXam kit.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for your response.

Initially when we generate the license the application target is set to x86.

Now the application target is set to AnyCPU. Do we need to re generate the license. Will it resolve watermark issue.

We don’t have any issue with same provided by you.

No, changing the target should not require replacing the license key string, as long as the major/minor version number has not changed. As you have already seen with the sample that I gave you.