Execption in Blend 4 RC

When I try and open an page with styled goxam control with a style I get an exception.

InvalidOperationException:Element the element is already a child of another element
Here is the style

The defaultDiagramTemplate is

Note if you remove the x:Name="Panel" From the diagram panel the error goes away but the control does not work properly

Which GoXam kit are you using?

The silverlight 4 version of the goxam 1.1 rc

The GoSilverlight 1.1 RC kit ( was compiled for the Silverlight 4 RTM.

I believe Expression Blend 4 RC is designed for Silverlight 4 RC and VS2010 RC, so I’m speculating that the problem is due to some incompatibility there. You might want to continue using the older GoSilverlight1114.msi kit, located in the same directory.

That’s just a wild guess, though. Your XAML looks OK to me. Does it run correctly?

Blend 4 RC was released after Silverlight 4 went RTM so I dont not think Blend 4 rc was meant for silverlight 4 rc

Does your application run OK? Does your XAML design OK in VS2010?

In other words, are we sure that this is only a bug in the Expression Blend?

yes the application runs and you can edit it in vs 2010 rtm

OK, we’ll check it out when we get a chance.


I confirm I have the same issue. VS designers show the application correctly while blend RC design surface does not.

Thank you,