Expanding a node doesn't expand properly unless the FIRST node that points to the child node is expanded

When I have a node structure that has lets say 3 nodes: 1A, 1B, and 2A, both 1A and 1B have links from/to 2A. initially all collapsed… when I expand 1B, 2A shows up, but it shows up at the same level as 1A and 1B w/o any links. I have to expand 1A and then 2A shifts in the diagram and the links from 1A and 1B both show up.

Are you using a “TreeExpanderButton”? If so, perhaps the results should not be unexpected since your graph doesn’t seem to be tree-structured.

When the graph is not tree-structured, there are a lot of reasonable possibilities that you may want to handle in certain manners, and that requires custom behavior in a “Button”. Please examine:
Different Criteria for Hiding "Children" of Collapsed Nodes