Explorer-like selection for nodes

In an active explorer-window that shows the content of a folder you are able to select the differents documents

or subfolders by using the cursor key.

Using an overrided function of IsInputKey should make

it possible to do something similar to this on the screen to select nodes.

Has anyone already written code for this?!

This is something on our list of things to do some day. If you want to handle special dialog keys, you'll need to override Control.IsInputKey in your GoView subclass: protected override bool IsInputKey(Keys k) { if (k == Keys.Down || k == Keys.Up || k == Keys.Left || k == Keys.Right) return true; return base.IsInputKey(k); }

… Not the implementation of arrow-key-handling since you’ve also mentioned this in:
I just meant the selection itself, by positioning the single-selection-rect to the nearest node related to the pressed arrowkey.

e.g.: you press “Up”. the interface should select the nearest node above the selected. “Left”: should select the nearest left to the actual selected node.

If none is selected it should select the nearest node referred to the mouse-coordinates.