Exporting complex diagrams to PNG


I have a huge diagram with almost 100+ blocks interconnected. When I export it to PNG, only a part of the diagram is exported.
Is there anyway I can handle this ?
Basically, I want the entire diagram to be exported into a png file.

What was the GoJS call that you made to generate the image?

What are the dimensions of the image that you would like to create? And what is the size of the image that is actually created?

I assume you have read carefully http://gojs.net/latest/intro/makingImages.html. Note how the default maxSize is 2000x2000, which is approximately 16MB. Larger images could be a problem on some devices.

I am using the makeImageData function. Then using the base64 string to get the image content.

            size: new go.Size(NaN, NaN)

I have no target size requirement.
Just that what ever is there on the canvas should be exported as a single image.

OK, so is the generated image size actually being limited to 2000x2000? If you want bigger images, you need to supply a maxSize option to makeImageData.

Thank you Walter. This solves my problem.